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    Starting a Small Business Plan! The Steps Every Business Should Take!

    “It takes as much energy to wish, as it does to plan!” said Eleanor Roosevelt, a trail blazer for women to aspire. Eleanor knew the value of a good plan and rather than wishing things would change, she had a plan and made things happen! So if you haven’t got a plan in place already for your small business, starting and completing one, will make help ensure your business is set up to achieve its maximum potential from the outset. What is a business plan? A business plan provides direction and keeps you on track in achieving your ultimate goals in business. It’s a written down road map, detailing tasks…

  • Business

    Business, Networking, Training & Website Hosting All in One!

    Black Friday sees ALOT of great deals going around! And for me, the ones that are going to help boost my business are the ones I am particularly keen on!! This is why I want to share with you the BEST Business Networking, Marketing Training and Website Hosting deal all in one magnificent website, Wealthy Affiliate! Let me go through with you below, what you get for your once off annual subscription of USD $299 (AUD $430). Business Networking Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a web hosting website! It is a place where like-minded online entrepreneurs come to meet and encourage each other on ideas, and support of website…

  • Business

    Be one of the successful business women – 7 attributes to succeed!

    Whether you’re just starting out in business, or have already established your brand, and business is booming (or maybe business is struggling), it’s always a good idea to take a look at your own strengths and weaknesses to identify areas you can work on improving. Think of it as filling out your own annual performance review. The following list of traits looks at what all successful business women have, and will ensure you and your business are set up for long term success. So regardless of your chosen niche, be it making jewellery, candles, clothes, or consulting, providing a service or blogging, doing a self-review on your own behaviours will…

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    Work, Home, Jobs, Kids – Overwhelmed?

    This week has been a particularly trying one! All my responsibilities, work, home, jobs and kids, seem to be conspiring against me and are on a collision course to take me down! I have a number of deadlines due at work, it’s school holidays so all the kids are at home, my son starts kinder next week and the constant insistence that he isn’t going, is wearing thin. My husband’s work has hit a crisis point, and I’ve been dumped with more than the lions share of the home duties. Then there is my own business to run. I am consciously ignoring the washing basket overflowing in the laundry. It’s…

  • Dinner Tonight

    Easy Molten Lava Cake recipe – 70% Dark Chocolate

    Easy Molten Lava Cake recipe – 70% Dark Chocolate Its indulgent, its delicious and its easy to make! There is nothing better on a chilly winter night than snuggling up to a glass of red and this easy Molten Lava cake. Details Serves: 3 Cooking time: 10-12mins at 200C/180C fan Ingredients 100g Butter – chopped (extra for greasing ramekins) 100g (at least) 70% Dark Chocolate – chopped 50g caster sugar 2 large eggs 20g self-raising flour Optional garnish to serve -Single cream or ice cream, icing sugar and raspberries. Pair with Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz 2015 from the Barossa. Method Turn oven onto 200C/180C fan/gas Grease 6 ramekins/moulds with butter…

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