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Many small businesses are starting to ask themselves “Do I need a business coach?” and to stay ahead of the game in an ever-increasing competitive world, the answer is most likely yes!

My years in professional services has exposed me to an array of different businesses and exposure to various strategies that have seen businesses go from nothing to success through diligent implementation of a planned our journey! I am also familiar with small business, as I have been raised within one assisting my parents as and when needed.

This has set me up to offer you the best services possible which can be flexibly implemented to your business.

What can I bring to your business?

  • Bring your business vision to life through a workable plan to achieve your goals.
  • Encourage you to know your worth in order to make money.
  • Coach you through the sense of overwhelm that often occurs in the early days of small business, once the excitement wears off.
  • Focus you towards your ideal client and teach you how to approach them authentically.
  • Create systems that will ensure your efficient use of time.
  • Develop a marketing plan that will encourage you to be authentic in your approach rather than come across all sales pitchy!
  • Show you how to leverage online marketing techniques that will build a stronger brand awareness for you.
  • Understand your unique strengths, and get you to focus on them.
  • Encourage you to outsource and delegate areas that you need assistance with.
  • Network in a way that will make you comfortable.
  • Assist in priorities the important factors of the business from creativity through to cash flow and budget management.
  • Identify areas where costs can be trimmed, with resources allocated to other channels within your business
  • Help you find that work life balance.
  • Push you to achieve you goals.
  • Be a support for you to lean on at anytime.

Who are mumsonline business coaching programs for?

I want to partner with like-minded business people who are willing to hustle and work hard in order to achieve their goals! I will push you, after all that’s what a coach is for!

If you aren’t willing to work for it, I will be honest with you, chances are you are unlikely to succeed, and maybe you need to consider if the business you are undertaking is your passion. My business coaching and small business mentoring programs are for clients who have started on the path to business or who have a vision about what they want to start, but aren’t sure of the foundations to lay.

If you already have an established business, but are looking to reinvigorate and re energise your business profile, I can help you onto a new path with refocused branding bringing new life into your business, if you feel you’ve reached a stalemate with development. This can happen to the best of us, and sometimes all we need is someone else is perspective of the market place with new opportunities to be identified.

You’ll get the most from the programs listed below if you are:

  • interested in creating a small business that you are passionate about.
  • the kind of person who values relationships and kindness as much as making a profit.
  • not’t in the business of making a quick return, turning a profit will take time and patience.
  • are authentic in your approach to your business.
  • someone who is willing to put our positivity into the world.
  • willing to work hard in order to make your business succeed.


This is a coaching program run over a three-month period and includes the following actions:

  • Pre-coaching strengths profiling and preparation questionnaires
  • 1 x 75-minute strategy session
  • 4 x 60-minute sessions
  • Formulate and clarify your priorities both personally and professionally and set these our into a visual format.
  • Break these priorities down into achievable goals, with set pathways to achieve them.
  • Unlimited email and telephone support between sessions
  • Option to continue with single-sessions

By having your profile completed before we work together, I will be able to better understand your personality, your preference for work and how we will interact best together. This will provide me with insights into your strengths and show me where extra support might be needed. The questions asked will help you clarify the most important objectives for yourself and the business and will be implemented within the coaching program so that they can be achieved.

You’ll leave this session with a greater understanding of yourself and at least a few clear goals and action steps.

The objective of the 60-minute sessions is to meet every couple of weeks to review your progress, either in person, via phone, or even Skype. Borders are no boundary to how business can be conducted these days. These meetings will establish new objectives to keep you moving  forward and overcoming beliefs or behaviours that might be preventing your progression. Your coaching program is valid for three months, so this enables you to take your time to appreciate what you have learnt and get the most from the program.

You’ll receive copies of our exclusive comprehensive business mentoring package which include exercises and strategies to help you with your business planning, creating your social media and marketing plan, managing your finances as well as overcoming self-doubt and maintaining balance in your life as you grow your business.

And of course I’ll be available to touch base between sessions to keep you on track and to make sure you feel supported.

Once the 3-month program is complete, I offer on going appointments for clients who wish to develop further and need the continuous push to keep you motivated and on track. This can be discussed and arranged based on your needs.


$1,250 AUD (GST Inclusive) upfront which includes $100 saving. Or 3 x monthly installments of $450. Travel charged additionally. Coaching is tax-deductible if your business is generating a turnover.

  • 5 x coaching sessions
  • Visualised priorities, and pathways to success.
  • Mentoring package with self complete exercises and strategies
  • Unlimited email and phone support.


This program is for those business owners, regardless of location, that know where they want their business to go, but need assistance and a sounding board for the best way to implement that plan into a strategy that is fully achievable and realistic.

It would be easy to outsource your business plan to a third party to complete, however I feel that by doing this, a disconnect is created. And to truly buy-in to your business strategy, you need to have put your own blood sweat and tears into developing it. This way your passion is put down on paper and you are really invested in achieving the strategy and the outcomes it will bring.

I offer coaching through the development phase of business planning right through to a tangible, deliverable, and relevant strategy document. I will guide you through the excitement, making sure your are realistic in your goal setting, but also pick you up when you hit a wall of despair and feel overwhelmed, which can at times occur, especially if a business is brand new. Depending on your business, we can cover social media management, online content that converts to sales, marketing techniques to increase brand awareness, and highlight sales channels that may previously have been untapped. We can quantify and project achievable outcomes that you can aim for, particularly if you are willing to boss up and hustle for it.

You want to create a strategy that can be used and referred to, not one that will be thrown in a top draw and never seen again. I can help you achieve this.

My charge our rate is $200 per hour inclusive of GST. However individual quotes can be requested on an as needs basis.

I guarantee my skills, knowledge and strengths will assist in bringing the best possible outcomes to your business.

Let’s chat about you and your business!

I really look forward to working with passionate, positive business owners who have the mindset to achieve their dreams, but just need some guidance on how to do it! If this sounds like you, please feel free to email me at nicole@mumsonline.com.au and we can get chatting about how my business coaching can bring immediate results to your business.


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