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How can I work from home and make money?

If you are asking how you can work from home and make money?! It’s a great question to be asking!!

With the current unpredictably of the economic climate, and increased competition due to population growth in the physical workforce, a lot of people are starting to ask the same question? So we are going to look at a couple of options out there that will help you earn a bit of extra income, and all you will need is your own laptop!

So whether you’re a stay at home mum, part time or work full time worker, the following provides you with a couple of strategies you can consider that may help ease the cash flow burden, allow you to take some control of your household earnings, or earn a little extra cash for the occasional self indulgent treat!

There are options out there, but know that they aren’t get-rich-quick schemes, they will require a level of input on your behalf.

Just how much input will depend on how much money you hope to make and how hard you are willing to hustle.

1. Content Farms

We may not have all heard of this term, but Content Farms are essentially a website that has very large quantities of content, of not necessarily high quality from other sites which are formulated to look that the source website generated it, so it appears higher up on the list of search results when typed into say Google or Bing.

If you want to look into this form of earning extra income, be aware that content farms don’t really have a very good reputation because the pay isn’t great, BUT, it is consistent (good for cash flow).

The following are links to a couple of content farms if you think this is something that might suit your lifestyle.

You would usually get paid per word, ranging from $0.01 to $0.05 USD, and sometimes this could be more based on the topic and length of the article. Payment is via PayPal, so nice an easy if you have an account set up, and the stream of work can be consistent if this is what you are after. The negative we touched on, the pay is low, and you may end up with topics that are really random which require research so you might need to become an instant expert. But if you like writing and you enjoy learning, a content farm might just be an option for you to earn some cash.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for online freelance writers/creators who offer their services to get jobs done for people who don’t want to do it themselves. Along with customising websites or mixing and mastering audio, Fiverr allows you to unleash your hidden writer and gives you the exposure to become a freelance writer and get paid for your work!! As your experience in writing grows you set the price for the package you want to offer to someone who is looking to engage you to write for them. So think beauty blogger, travel writer, business analyst, general product reviewer or resume reviewer, the options are endless and well worth looking at.

The benefit of Fiverr is that you get to choose to take the work as it comes, and the people who are looking to engage your services to write for them don’t really have a high expectation in relation to the content they are looking for. So it’s a great learning ground for the novice writer in all of us.

Generally the people looking for writers are non English speakers who are hope to save some money or time by outsourcing the work to you, and you could then turn the writing back over to them pretty quickly earning some dollars, even without being the greatest wordsmith. Now what kind of money can you make? Say you write two 300 word pieces a day at $12, then by the end of the month that’s $360 in your pocket, if you tend to be online most of the time anyway, this is a good way to keep your mind engaged and earn some money at the same time.

On the flip side, the negative with the site is that its quite competitive. There are already a number of established writers with thousands of reviews completed from satisfied customers, some have special seller status which in turn gets them recommended first in searches by people looking to engage a writer. But there is a heap of work out there, so if you charge the right price (starting price is around $6.50 per 300 words) and you can turn the work over quickly, you might just be able to build your status up to earn the big bucks. So look at earning a quick Fiverr, it could be worth more than you think!

3. Start an Affiliate Blog

This one is for those willing to play the long game, so if you are after instant payment for your writing, then probably best to check out the recommendations above. But if you want to create an avenue for passive income, with a long term strategy for the big bucks, then starting an affiliate blog is definitely the best way to put those writing skills to good use.

The pro’s:

  • You own your own content!! Once published online, it will always be there with your name on it, taking full credit and you can choose what you want to do with it. Having your own blog, and website means you can earn money in a number of ways and the choice is yours.
  • Financially, it’s relatively cheap to start up.
  • You can directly promote products you are passionate about through links, or indirectly through advertising banners on your pages. You can get the message you want to get across, and genuinely help people who might see your blog as a turn to point for guidance.
  • You get to decide what you write about! You can help others through your experiences or expertise. And so if you think controlled crying is the way babies need to learn how to sleep, go for it, get your opinion out there, but if you think co-sleeping is the way to go, you blog awaits you, get your opinion out there!
  • Now this is where patience pays off! If you build up enough content, bringing in vast amounts of traffic (views & clicks) and become influential on the topic you blog about, think Constance Hall, the Organised Housewife, you may just be able to sell your website in a few years which may be very profitable indeed. So that means you could potentially earn regular income (through product promotion and advertising) up to and more than $1,000 a month, and then after a number of years sell the website for $200,000. An asset you created! The only thing stopping you, is you!

The con’s

  • After the high’s of the pro’s here comes the downer! You won’t be making money right away! It could take a number of months or even years for you to reach that point, it depends on how hard you push and how willing you are to drive the website to succeed.
  • You will need creating consistently high quality content along the way. This means writing 3000+ words a week with possibly little pay off. It’s unlikely you won’t see zero profit during this time, since you have the potential to earn commissions through products promoted and recommended and as your content and traffic increases you will potentially earn through these clicks. But this is what you need to be realistic about if you are considering this option, the money won’t come quickly.

If you are thinking the long game is an option for you, and you are driven to make it succeed then learn how to become an affiliate marketer and blogger through a training site called Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s free to sign up and have a look, and do the first few foundation courses with no risks attached. A premium membership is $49 USD per month and provides you with a full course specialised in teaching people how to start affiliate websites on a topic of their choice. The easy to follow training includes step throughs on how to build the site, how to write articles that people will be able to search in Google etc, how to find and sign up to affiliate programs and most importantly make money from links, not to mention the community of support is genuine and plenty of people are willing to help, including me.

So computers poised!

These options all have a lot to do with writing/ typing which works perfectly with working from home. All you need to do is hone those skills your high school English teacher was trying to drum into you and with a little of lateral thinking you might just be able to work from home and get paid for it too.

So computer poised and go, lets start churning out that word per minute count and make some money off of it, because you, earning your own income, is one of the most rewarding and empowering feelings out there!

If you have any other ideas on how to earn money from home, please feel free to share in the comments below!






  • Zulfaqar

    Hello, great article. Although i’m not a mum (i’m a DAD lol) I still found it very useful. Are you using all the above platforms or just some of them? Is this something you do full time…if so how long did it take before you were churning income to not have to worry about getting a regular job?

    Blogging takes a lot of time, it’s probably why a lot of people give it up. The trend these days is to make money via facebook ads and webinars, & social media. They cost a bit more but can bring in money quicker if done right…just some suggestions for other ways to make money.

    • Nicole

      Hi Zulfaqar, thanks for your comment. I dabbled in Fiverr for a bit, and the content farms aren’t really my thing, there are so many scams out there so finding something legitimate without a huge cash outlay as well as something I could manage to fit in with my lifestyle was a struggle to find, until I came across Wealthy Affiliates. It probably took a couple of hours every day for 2 weeks to get the website up and running to a standard I am happy with, and then I find blogging pretty easy so I can write something up within an hour or 2 depending what the topic is. For me, this website isn’t about making money, its more of a support network for women who are struggling can turn too if they need advice or help, I know I am providing quality professional advice based on my background, and that some people cant actually afford to obtain that, so if product reviews or placement generate an income for the page that’s a nice bonus, but not the key driver behind the page.
      Thanks for your suggestions, I will suss out the Facebook ads although the cost factor will play a big part in my decision to go with it or not.
      I wish you all the best on your journey. 🙂

  • Carolyn

    I really want to make this happen, but the juggle is so hard with kids and day jobs and everything that you need to fit into your life. Looking forward to hearing more about how you are making it work!

    • Nicole

      Thanks for your comment Carolyn, I totally understand the juggle struggle, it can all be a little too much sometimes. I am actually finding that this website is something just for me to work on, away from the kids and family demands, so for the moment it’s all working ok. But as mums we know things can head south pretty quickly 😛 Best of luck on journey.

  • Simon

    Hey Nicole, I struggled to find permanent work for long enough and looked for a legitimate opportunity online.
    After wading through all the scams my preference was the affiliate marketing method simply because you can promote and blog about your interest/passion. It’s an inexpensive way to start-up and run a genuine business when compared to the ongoing costs of my previous high-street business, here you have your hosting costs and that’s it.
    There are no limits to earnings which sure keeps me motivated whilst I find the training pretty straightforward to implement but like you mention, it takes years to build a high ranking website business, here’s hoping!!.
    How long have you been affiliate marketing?

    • Nicole

      Hi Simon, Thanks for your comment, I am quiet new to the affiliate marketing side of things, but have enjoyed setting up the website and the training. It’s definitely ignited my passion to help woman succeed in all they do and this is what drives me to continue on this journey, the affiliate marketing is more of a side project.

  • Jude

    Hi Nicole,

    Great article and content farms seems like an interesting option to bring in some spare cash. I have to agree the rates are rather low. I did a bit of freelancing prior to starting my own blog. For a start, it helps to pay for the annual domain name subscription ($20+ for 2 sites I owned) and covers a bit of utility but I didn’t expect to build wealth through it. Eventually, I decide to go with starting my own website and invest in building content for myself instead for others. Yes, this approach has to be coupled with a long term vision as new sites do not get ranked well instantly. It took me like a couple of months before I start to gain some traction.

    • Nicole

      Thanks so much for your comment Jude. It’s great to get another perspective from someone who has actually been through the process, and great to know that perseverance eventually will pay off.

  • Petra

    Hi Nicole,

    I’ve heard of Fiverr and think it’s ok to make some extra cash on the side. I haven’t heard of content farms but am wondering if they are a bit dodgy? The affiliate marketing solution definitely is the best option I think. 🙂

    • Nicole

      Yes from what I have experienced the affiliate marketing solution does appear to be the best option. Work for yourself and get the benefits off that, rather than someone else reaping the rewards from you labour.

  • sherise

    Thanks for the resources! Have not tried content farms, but might be something interesting to look into as it’s remote and flexible work. I do some freelance work, but these sites are easier to arrange on my own time. These options are also good for , like you said, cash flow, so that’s a bonus. Affiliate marketing would probably be a more long term build up as an income stream.

    • Nicole

      Thanks for your comment Sherise, yes if you are after some cashflow then the content farms could be a good option, especially if you need a quick turnaround on your work. 🙂

  • Priya

    Hi Nicole
    I liked your post as I am stay at home mom too. I have used Fiverr before (as a buyer not as a seller) . I am into Affiliate Marketing at the moment . I find this very flexible and convenient and I can do my work around the kids schedule. I don’t feel I want to go back to working for someone ever! Travelling to work everyday doesn’t sound appealing to me either!

    • Nicole

      Hi Priya, I totally agree! Working for yourself is a much better option in the long run, my commute to work is an hour and a half each way. So the going with Affiliate Marketing will absolutely resolve this issue as I can work from anywhere.

  • catherine

    Hi, thank you so much for your post. I totally agree with you about the number of scams that are out there. It took me months of searching to discover fiverr and although it gets some great reviews, I spent a lot of time creating a page and got no work from it. I am a member of WA and although I am not making money yet, it too took me only a couple of weeks to get my site up and running. plus, the community if really helpful and full of people who are succeeding. So this is hopeful.
    Thank you!

    • Nicole

      Hi Catherine, Wealthy Affiliate is absolutley the way to go. In the short term there is abit of set up behind it with regards to your website and the fantastic training, but you gain so much knowledge, and if you stick with it you should start seeing your own success. Please keep me updated with your progress I’d love to hear how you are going. 🙂

  • Steve

    This is a very timely article for me. I have been looking for ways to earn some extra cash and I think writing might be a great way for me to do that.

    Fiverr sounds like a great option. I didn’t realize you can make money on 300-word articles, I will really have to check that out. Do you get paid by the word count? This sounds like a very flexible way to make extra money. I am sure it’s competitive as you said, so it may take some time to get established, but probably worth it.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas, I appreciate the time you put in here.

    • Nicole

      Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. Fiverr is by job as opposed to word count, so you would put forward the amount you would want to be paid for writing 300 words and then it would or wouldn’t be accepted by the person commissioning the work. If you are looking to hone your skills as a writer than Fiverr could be the way for you to go. Feel free to check them out on the link and I would love to hear how you find it. http://www.fiverr.com/s2/91226a92d1

  • Delanee

    This is great information on all 3 options! I have not checked out Fiverr for writing, I might have to think about that!
    I am enjoying the blogging right now, but you are correct, it is a long game! These are some great ideas just to have some cash flowing in for the short term!
    What is your favorite?

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