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How To Design a Small Business Website!!

Your small business is up and running, you have a shop or you run the business from your home! Now its time to expand your reach and build up your business to gain more customers and increase revenue! I have found this awesome video that will show you how to design a small business (your niche!) website, using WordPress in under 30 Seconds! And it’s free!

It’s super easy to follow, with step by step guidance, and even the most novice of web designers (including myself!) can do it!

Why does your small business need a website design?

Before we get into building a website, (video below!) let’s quickly look at some of the benefits creating your own website can have on your business, regardless of what your niche is!


Having a website means that someone looking to get in touch with you, or do a bit of research on your business before approaching you in person, has some form of introduction to your business. They can come to your website and see what your business is all about without giving you a call or trawling through Facebook reviews to find out about you. It also means you have more control over how you want your business portrayed, especially for home-based businesses, your website is essentially your storefront. And customers can find out more about you and your business.

If you don’t have a website, the worst case scenario would be a potential customer finding someone online that does have a website and choose to engage their services instead. This is a direct loss of business for you. With so much business competition out there, including children clothes designers, jewelry makers and artist, what sets you apart from the competition? Could it be your website?


Unlike a traditional store front of bricks and mortar, your website is always open to anyone in the world with internet access! So while you’re asleep, you could be making sales from America, while you drop the kids to school, you could be making sales from Spain, and while you go out for dinner, you could be making sales from Africa! Sales, sales, sales that’s what business is about, and why you are doing it right?

So whether your business offers tangible goods, or provides service solution to someones problem, your website will mean your business is always open to attract potential leads which will increase revenue. Your website can also be set up to make appointments, take sales or allow customers to sign up to newsletters, even when you aren’t actually at your desk, office or workbench.

Your website is always open, and always working for you! The most reliable and efficient employee a business owner could hope for!


Customers are going to want to see your work, and being proud of what your create, your website will allow you to show them.

If you are a hairdresser, you can showcase the cuts and colours you have mastered on various clients, if you are a cafe owner, you can showcase your current menu and latte art, and if you create handmade products you can show customers your current range and stock you previously created.

By having a website you control your content, and are able to show the very best of what you have to offer your clients and customers. This will be your way of creating your own intangible brand!

You are going to need a domain name for your website, and if you need one of these, check out my article here about 3/4 way down the page to see how you can go about it!

But if you already have a domain name, you’re all set for the next step!

Why use WordPress?

Back when the internet started, creating a website would take forever! Your basically needed a computer programming degree, be pretty good with photo shopping, and have expensive software and the most current computer, just to design a basic website.

Then in 2003 WordPress was founded, and it took all the technical aspects of web design and created an online community of over a million people with access to 10,000 website developers, streamlining the ability to build a website.

WordPress had its glitches though, and could at times be difficult for even the most accomplished webmasters to install in an efficient time, so then Wealthy Affiliate came along, and created WordPress Express, which is what the below video steps you through to create your own website.

WordPress Express is the most efficient and technical free way to build a website, and is designed so that everyone can build a website in under 30 seconds! (It’s how I built my website you’re currently on, and although I didn’t time how long it too me, it was super easy to do following the video below.)


Where to get your small business WordPress website design for FREE!!

5 minute from now you can be creating a beautiful website for your business, which can open up a world of unexplored reach for you. This can allow sales to occur from anywhere in the world and boost your business substantially. All you have to do is follow these 2 easy steps to get your website creation underway:

1. Sign up to a Wealthy Affiliate Starter Account for free here!

2. Go and build your WordPress website!

It’s that easy!!

Building a website can actually be really fun, and the video shows you how easy it is to do. So go get creative and reap the benefits of what a website can do for your small business. And please post a link of your website below. I’d love to see it, and I would love to experience what your business has to offer the world. If you know of someone that also needs to create a website, please also feel free to share this post with them!






  • Philip

    Hi Nicole,

    I can vouch about having your own small business website as it really does add validity to your products/services. It just makes sense when you consider there are nearly 5 billion active weekly users logging on every week looking for something. Well, we all can be that website that can earn from such tremendous traffic – and free traffic as well.

    Those seeking a full time income online from having their own website will do very well to sign up this articles offer. It is free to start and you will receive all the help and support you need – unlike most places.

    I know this from experience and is why I am very confident in putting my own name to it.

    Thank you helping to make aware to others what we now take for granted!

    – Philip.

    • Nicole

      Hi Philip, It really does add credibility to your business by having your own small business website, and you comment is spot on! So much traffic to be gained!! Thanks for your comment and vouching for the validity of my recommendation, it is great to get an outside opinion on my recommendations.
      Best of luck with your business website,
      Cheers Nicole 🙂

  • Vicki

    Hi Nicole
    What a fabulous site and with such an honest article -Thank you
    Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best platform and I wish you every success

    • Nicole

      Hi Vicki, thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed the site. Thanks for your backing on Wealthy Affiliate, it really is a one stop shop for anyone looking to put their business online. 🙂

  • Gail

    I could not agree more, Nicole. Personally, I would be very wary of a business that did not have a website or at least an active presence on social media.

    • Nicole

      Hi Gail, thanks for you comment. I agree, a website just makes it seem like more of a serious business, even social media can be deceiving, is it a business? am I going to get ripped off? Is it more of a hobby? Too many variables, which means too many reasons for people to not purchase or engage with you. A website is the way to go!! 🙂

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