Online Personal Stylist Services, Have You Tried One?

Moving house over the last few months has taken up a lot of my time, and it’s come at the cost of my………..wardrobe!! I’ve taken a month out from my office job to relocate our family down to the Bellarine Peninsula and next week I’m back at work! However, after rummaging through my wardrobe for an office appropriate outfit, not much is going to make the cut or fits like it did!!

(Hello, stress eating and 5kg’s I didn’t realise I packed to join us at our new house!)

And to be honest, I haven’t exactly put that much effort into experimenting out of my comfort range (active wear) since having my kids, so anyone willing to take on the challenge and freshen up my wardrobe sounds great to me!

This is how I came across Threadicated, an online Personal Stylist service which sounded like a fashion god send to me!

What is Threadicated?


Threadicated came to life in December 2017 and was founded by Danielle Bishop with the aim of helping everyone find their own personal style. After graduating from Whitehouse Fashion in 2006, she followed this up with 8 year experience in both mainstream and traditional fashion wholesalers.

Portmans Blend Drape Cardi $119.95 (I couldn’t resist!)

Danielle then realised there was a gap in the market when it came to digital stylist services. With her ground up experience seeing her become a Senior Assitant Buyer for one of the top online fashion retailer, she put her skills gathered from these years of industry experience to great use, in order to source and market top of the range fashion items and create on trend looks, that are packaged and sent right to your door.

With the goal of changing the way people find the clothes they love and making a personal stylist accessible to everyone, Threadicated is dedicated to styling you in clothing and accessories that fit your taste, budget and lifestyle, so you have more time to concentrate on living your best life while looking great doing it.

How It Works!

Styling men and women, Threadicated has removed the hard part when it comes to putting an outfit together. By answering an online questionnaire about your clothing preferences, how you like clothes to fit, your lifestyle and your budget, your style profile is created and personalised for you. Overall there is about 20-30 questions ranging from you body shape to your usual style of casual or business ware. When a new client signs up, there profile is reviewed and they are paired with a stylist that best matches there needs. Whether it be high-end fashion, menswear, corporate wear, etc.

This is then followed up by a one on one chat with your personal stylist either over the phone or email, your preference, so they can get to know you and your tastes a little better.

Your stylist then individually pieces together a look for you, which is then sent as a preview for you to approve. I had about 30 curated pieces to choose from, including a number of shoes, skirts, pants, dresses and tops. You can accept or decline as many of the pieces suggested as you like, usually this is about 6 items, however if you want less (or your budget is a little tighter) your stylist can help you meet your very specific needs. Once you are happy with the selections, it’s all packaged up and everything will be delivered to your door in a matter of days courtesy of the bonus free shipping!!

Once your parcel arrives, you have 5 days to try everything on and see what works for you! Essentially you can keep what you love and return the rest in the prepaid satchel included in your delivery. I decided to keep everything, but the return option is made super easy with a prepaid sticker included in my box if I had have decided to return anything.

And as an added incentive, if you love everything (like I did!) you will receive a $25 credit towards you next order!!

I really also loved the fact that there was no sign up fees or ongoing subscription, so I can just reorder when I want. Which is great if a special occasion is coming up, or if you feel like a seasonal refresh! Threadicated’s services is designed to work for you on your terms so you can either order as you require or set up a schedule with your own stylist!! The flexibility is fantastic!

How Much Does It Cost?

Saba Jersey Dress $169

There are 3 price points on offer, so everyone is covered!! The first parcel is $410 and includes 5 items suited to a weekend or casual style, the second is $690 with 6 items to keep for a more versatile lifestyle from travel to swimming, and the third is $960 with 7 items to keep and includes more corporate and work wear.

So when you chat or email your stylist, they will know what price point to curate your style to and will provide pieces that will come to this approximate price depending on how many pieces you select! Obviously if you can’t help yourself and select more than your budgeted amount, like I did, the total package will come in higher than the points noted above. But this is what’s great about Threadicated, it’s totally flexible, so if you want more pieces cause everything just works for you, you can select more, but if you’re not vibing with them all then no need to select.

The package is totally tailored specifically for you with input from you and your stylist, and includes free shipping, free returns and a $25 credit if you decide to keep everything. This is great value for a personalised service!

Styling Fee, Looking Great Doesn’t Come Free!

I was starting to think, how does Threadicated make their money? If you are paying RRP on the items bought, where do you pay for the service provided, and this is when the Styling Fee comes in! Admittedly it did take me a bit of working my way around the website and going through the steps for signing up and filling out my questionnaire that I found out the information about the styling fee in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

The styling fee works out to be 10% charged on top of your order. So say your items all come to $300 in RRP then you’re charged 10% for styling so will be billed $330. And so while your items can be returned, you won’t be refunded any part of the styling fee, which is fair enough as you have approved what is to be sent out to you.

And I found the Styling Fee to be so worth it!

Danielle was actually my stylist, and her communication was second to none, I receive a “Get to know me” phone call and she was on point with the email communication too. Any question I had, were quickly replied to and she added a few more pieces once I changed my mind on a few things.

The experience was ALOT of fun, and it was hard not to select every piece Danielle put forward for me. Once I had approved my look I couldn’t wait for my parcel to arrive.

Do I Like My Online Personal Stylist Style?

I was skeptical about Threadicated.

It’s a Start Up, and hasn’t really got a reputation yet, there were very little reviews online and I was outlaying a bit of money upfront. But being time poor and handing the responsibility of making me look good to someone else was VERY appealing and having someone else’s perspective on what might suit me was refreshing.

My parcel took about 2 weeks to arrive, as there was a hiccup along the way with one of my items (Danielle emailed me straight away, and I was informed throughout the whole process.) Usually delivery should be a little quicker than this.

Jo Mercer Narrow Heel $179.95 (Take my money!)

But my delivery was well worth the wait. I was so happy with everything selected, and I love everything that was picked. I really thought I would be sending a couple of items back, but I am hiding the receipt from my husband and am keeping it all cause it’s love straight away, especially with my Jo Mercer heels!!

The whole experience was a lot of fun, and a little bit of a pamper as well, as it’s a bit of a luxury to have your own personal stylist. I will be placing an order again, and I am looking forward to AFTERPAY being available towards to the end of the year, as spacing out the payment is more ideal for me than one hit on the credit card. I loved working with Danielle on this and know that with every order she will get a better understanding of what I like and has challenged herself to make each parcel better than the last.

Threadicated’s sign ups are growing rapidly daily, and with life getting busier every day this is a service you might need in your life. I would absolutely recommend Threadicated to anyone looking to refresh there look, or anyone that needs a hand with there style. The team will help make you look your best, and when we look good we feel good.

To get $25 off your order, follow the link to Threadicated here and type in MUMSONLINE in the discount box. I’d love to know how your experience goes, so feel free to comment below or send me an email at


  • Satish

    Hi Nicole,

    I have never come across a Online Personal Stylist, in fact after reading your post i have become curious and it really sounds like a good idea. As of now i approach my wife when it comes apparels and trends as her style quotient is better than mine…i dont know if she would approve something like this 🙂 I am sure she would love to have a Personal Stylist.

    Nevertheless, its a great option and an additional 10% styling fee does not sound too expensive. I think it is worth a try!

  • Jen

    Hi Nicole, I’ve heard of online stylist before but I’ve never tried one. They always peek my interest because the clothes look so great and I can never find anything I like in the stores. What’s stopped me is two things, I’m very short, 4’11, and a bit on the larger side after having a baby so I’m worried they won’t be able to find clothes that will fit me right. I do think it’s worth trying though. I will have to look more into it, maybe Threadicated may be what I need. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  • Carolyn

    We really can do anything over the internet these days! As someone who is very time and style poor, I love this idea. I feel like recently I have truly moved into the no style mum category and could use some help from a professional.

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