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Most of us find that when Aunty Flo knocks on the door each month, she is a slightly unwelcome house guest. She gets in the way, makes a mess and after a week packs up and leaves, only to return the next month, generally like clockwork to wreak emotional havoc all over again.

I have been looking into sustainable alternatives to the usual pads and tampons when that time of the month comes around, after seeing the impact disposable rubbish has on the planet. It’s undeniable, and so I wanted to do my bit. After stumbling through various websites gaining an understanding of what products are out there I found Ruby Cup, and Ruby Cup is changing the way we traditionally deal with menstruation across the world!

What is Ruby Cup?

When I discussed with my sisters about giving up tampons and going towards a cup, there was cringing and moaning about how gross collecting your flow in a cup would be, but for the sake of the planet I think I can deal with the slightly more grossness than what pulling out a soaking tampon brings. Ruby Cup is a premium quality medical grade silicone cup, and with the correct care and maintenance it promises to see me through 10 years worth of periods, and given my age, I’m pretty sure this will see me well into the twilight of fertility.

How does Ruby Cup help you

Ruby cup is going to save you $$!

Depending on your preferences, a packet of tampons can cost anywhere between $4-$7, then depending on how many you use a month, multiplied by 12 months, this adds up to around $100-$120 per year, at least. Literally being thrown away. Over 10 years, this is over $1k, and possibly even more, cause who knows how much feminine hygiene products are going to cost in the future! I know I’d prefer $1k staying in my bank account then filling up the planet with waste.

Ruby Cup is made of quality medical grade silicone, so there is never a question of doubt surrounding the chemicals or fibrous residue being left in your vagina after use! There seems to be a lot of information about what is or isn’t in tampons and pads, but no clear answer as to the impact if any on your body! So I’m taking control of this one and just steering clear when it comes to unknown substances going down there!

In Australia, Ruby Cup solves that heated political problem as well! GST!

We have all seen the campaigns aiming to remove GST from feminine hygiene products, a necessary item in women’s lives. So by buying a Ruby Cup, we are removing this political power from the decision makers, and taking control of something we have no choice over! To me this is empowerment at it’s finest.

How does Ruby Cup help the world?

The landfill!

Ruby Cup is sterilised after each month by boiling in water, and popped back in the cupboard until next month rocks around. Let’s say you use approximately 20 tampons in a cycle, that’s 240 a year, and over 2,400 in 10 years going into waterways, landfill and anywhere else someone happens to leave them! Gross!

Ruby Cup means no tampons going in the rubbish, no cardboard boxes, plastic packaging and applicators all going in landfill. Just one silicone cup, being packed away in its nice little bag until it’s required again.

How Ruby Cup helps empower women?

Let’s be honest, menstruation is a burden for most of us, but for many girls and women worldwide it’s a monthly life handicap. Girls are missing school because they can’t afford healthy menstrual care products or the products themselves are widely unheard-of. Grown women are ostracized from communities in which it is required for them to hide away when their monthly arrives.

There are a number of similar products out there on the market, but the following is the reason I went with Ruby Cup.

For the last 6 years, Ruby Cup have been running a Buy One, Give One programme changing the lives of women and girls in East Africa, Nepal, Ghana and throughout the world who don’t have access to traditional menstrual care products. So for as little as $40 plus postage (about $8.50 to Australia), you can be saving yourself a lot of money, but also helping to improve the quality of life of an impoverished woman as she meets her monthly menstrual needs with dignity

Ruby Cup send ambassadors to these impoverished communities in order to educate community leaders, doctors, mothers and fathers about menstruation and Ruby Cup. This makes sure everyone is engaged and educated while willing to accept this kind of management of menstruation in order to make a success of the program, and change the lives of the women in these communities for the better.

Where to buy a Ruby Cup?

So the benefits of buying a Ruby Cup are immeasurable.

It saves you money, removes the politics from a discussion that shouldn’t actually exist (GST), empowers impoverished women to take control of their menstruation and saves the planet!

So next month when Flo comes to town, introduce her to Ruby.






  • Kate

    I made my own reusable pads. I have been feeling wonderful for nearly 12 months, with my most painful side effect- cramps basically all but gone. I will never go back to disposable products EVER again 🙂 go reusable!

    • Nicole

      So glad your own reusable resolved the cramping, I’m hoping to find that gradually I will get results by going with the Ruby Cup and my symptoms will sort itself out aswell. Fingers crossed.

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