Small Business Apps – What App Does Your Small Business Need?

As a small business owner, the struggle is real when it comes to being on top of everything!
You’re trying to wear all different hats, in order to make your business a success. Whether it be creative director, HR manager, accountant, or inventory manager, juggling all these responsibilities at once, at times, can be a little overwhelming!

So I’ve come up with a list of apps available to make your life just a little easier. So check out these small business apps that will get you back on track and save you time in order to concentrate on the important things, like generating revenue.

Finance and Accounting

Employment Hero

If you have a number of employees, and a payroll that needs streamlining, Employment Hero is an app you want to check out.

It manages employee on boarding including sending offers, receiving electronic signatures and formulating compliant employee contracts. Employment Hero also allows users to secure timesheets, create audit trails to validate timesheets, and schedule rosters among many other functions.

It has a great Employee Self Services (ESS) system, allowing employees to manager their own banking details removing the double handling of data input, time sheets and leave requests. As well as payroll functionality including Employee benefit schemes.

Employment Hero integrates with all the big accounting packages including integrates with major accounting software such as Xero and MYOB.

Rating: 9/10 “Great Payroll/HR Software”

Functionality: Payroll/HR only

Cost: Starting from $5

App Platform: iOS and Android

Can be used for Small, Medium and Large business.


Beautiful accounting software! You may have heard the promos on the radio or the TV so chances are you have heard of Xero.

Xero accounting package can be scaled to do all your accounting functionality or just portions such as payroll. So depending on the size of your business and your budget, looking at Xero is a good option. If you are a smaller business who just wants to streamline payroll at the moment, the payroll software is a good option. Then if you find as you grow you want to migrate all finance function to Xero, the upgrade is fairly straightforward.

You will find many “expert” reviews online about how fabulous Xero but be careful as reviews can be biased based on incentives paid to write the review. If you drill down into actual end user reviews there is definitely end user dissatisfaction out in the market, particularly surrounding the technical support Xero offers, or fails to in some cases.

If you consider implementing Xero into your business your best bet would be to engage a business partner such as an accounting firm who are trained in Xero (Bean Ninja’s or One Ledger) so you have an avenue of support closer than directly dealing with Xero.

Rating: 6/10 “Good Software, Xero aftermarket support”

Functionality: Payroll/Finance

Cost: 5 subscription plans starting from $9 per month.

App Platform: iOS and Android

Can be used for Small, Medium and Large business


This is my pick of the Finance Apps out on the market at the moment for smaller business. QuickBooks helps you run your business on a day to day basis as a great accounting package, but creates great management reporting giving you an overview on the overall performance of your business.

QuickBooks can be integrate with useful accounts such as your banking, Square and Paypal Here (discussed below), as well as credit cards, allowing processing to be a speedy with less flicking between screens.

QuickBooks has an app available for the Sole Trader, helping to keep track of receipts and expenses with easy upload straight to your phone.

They also offer an App for larger business structures as well, allowing for scale dependent upon the size of your organisation.

Aftermarket support could be improved, but accessibility to someone available to help you out is better than Xero

Rating: 8/10 “Great overall App”

Functionality: Payroll/Finance

Cost: Sole Trader App starts at $5p/m and Small Business starts at $10.50

App Platform: iOS and Android

Can be used for Small, Medium Business.

Time Management

For those of us who struggle to stay focused on the task at hand, there are Apps out there that will help show exactly where you are spending your time online! (Hello social media! Hands up me!) So these aim to refocus you on applying yourself to your business rather than what’s going on on Insta!!


This App is pretty good, the lite (free) version allows you to track your time spent on apps and websites, collates the data and sends you a report based on your activity weekly activities. It also allows you to set daily goals and track if you achieve them.

The premium version allows you to block those distracting sites, and lets you log your offline activities that time up crucial minutes of the day, such as phone calls or the daily commute. It will also send you notifications if you are spending too much time on a particular activity.

Rating: 10/10 “Rescue your time and get the App”

Cost: Lite is Free, Premium $9USD p/m (14 day free trial)

App Platform: iOS, Android, PC, Linux


This one is driven by your ability to set goals and MY MINUTES will help you do this.

When you find your hand straying over to the Facebook or Instagram icon a little too often, My Minutes will help you stay focused on the tasks you have set. If you find you can’t stay focused on your most important tasks — or you’re wasting too much time on Facebook — My Minutes can help you stay grounded by setting goals with set time parameters, such as “at most spend one hour checking email” or “at least exercise for 30 minutes.”

It further motivates you as you aim to achieve green streaks as tasks are accomplished!

It is a pretty basic app, and one for you if you find you are loosing minutes throughout the day, eg spending an hour and 20 on emails, but not enough at the gym. By setting goals, you can reallocate your time more effectively.

Rating: 6 “Basic app for those needing abit of time reallocation. Limited platform availability.”

Cost: $2.99USD

App Platform: iOS


There are a number of payment apps out on the market that allow your business to receive payment from customers while on the go, very useful for mobile businesses or smaller businesses that aren’t at a stage to implement direct deposit facilities just yet.

Below are the top options you should consider especially if you don’t already have an easy on the spot receipt of payment system implemented yet.


Square offers good options for both the traditional bricks and mortar businesses, where customers come to your store front to receive goods and services. This is called Square Register, which is a little “Square” device which can be set up at the register to receive tap and go payment at point of sale.

This payment app is a good fit for businesses such as food trucks, beauty salons and retail shops. Its users get a small, portable card reader that attaches to a phone or another mobile device to take fast, convenient payments. See the picture and check out how slick the reader looks!

Prices are structured upon different packages, however hardware for a simple chip reader for mobile application is $19AUD, while in store Square blocks are priced at $59.

Rating: 6/10 “Great if it is set up properly and works, if it doesn’t support is lacking.”

Cost: From $19

App Platform: Android and iOS


After Square entered the market, PayPal needed to respond and have bought out their own device so payment can be receive on the go. The set up and structures of the products offered by PayPal Here are a lot easier to follow than Square, which is a result of entering the market in second place with such a device. (Learn what works from your competition.)

You sign up, confirm your ID, download the app and purchase the hardware card reader for $99AUD (with various transaction fees) and you are all set.

Although the hardware design isn’t as slick as Square, the consumer reviews are a lot better and PayPal already has an established brand to leverage off with customers they wanted to keep happy. Their PayPal Here app seems to tick all the boxes.

Rating: 8/10 “Reliable, easy to use system.”

Cost: $99

App Platform: Android and iOS

These are just a number of Small Business Apps available out on the market, and muddling through them can be pretty confusing at times. So hopefully this has pointed you in the direction of a couple of options that will help make business just that little bit easier for you.

Let me know how you go below, or your thoughts on the Apps recommended above.

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  • Jim Kulk

    Thank you for your excellent post. I’ll be coming back to have another look at this. I should have purchased some of these apps long ago. All the best with your site.

    • Nicole

      Thanks for your comment Jim, I hope this helps you get on track with some of the admin side of your business. Please let me know which apps you go ahead and purchase and what you think of them. All the best 🙂

  • Kay Dee

    The PayPal app looks very useful for my small business as a voice coach – is there a way to integrate the app directly with my website, or is this purely a phone based app for users?

    • Nicole

      Hi Kay Dee, thanks for your comment, what an awesome business it sounds like you have. PayPal has a feature that allows you to integrate a button into your website to receive direct payment, and this would be outside of the POS apps you would require when a client is physically with you. If you want to check out integrating a button on your website, follow the link here. Best of luck with your business.

  • Kevin McNamara

    Hi Nicole,

    Love this post. Such a great selection of apps you have lined up for us. I am looking into quickbooks for my business and didn’t know about the Paypal here app. That looks great too.

    Will definitely check out Paypal here app. Thanks for another brilliant post. I am learning so much from you!


    • Nicole

      Hi Kev, glad you found the post useful! PayPal here app is my pick of the lot so I hope you find it useful. Let me know how you go with implementation. Glad I could be of help! 🙂

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