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Small business startup grants are available, have you looked?

Do you have a small business? Or are looking to start one up? Have you considered researching what support is out there to get your dream off the ground that won’t cost you a cent?

Whether you are:

  • dreaming of a better future with an idea bursting to come to life; or
  • a woman in business trying to make your own path; or
  • a small start up business, a sole trader or partnership; or even
  • an established small business with a few employees

Start up grants may be available for you to apply for, but you will need to do some research to find them.

Below I have listed some links to great starting points for you to continue looking into to see if its a potential option for raising some funds for your business.



Grants for Growth by H&R Block

H&R Block are not just accountants by the looks of things, and they are running a current promotion with the aim of supporting small business to succeed by giving away $10,000 worth of cash and services to 20 small businesses.

The prize is broken down into:

  • $4,000 in Cash,
  • $5,000 in H&R Block services and
  • $1,000 in Officeworks gift cards.

In addition to the above, an unspecified number of runner- ups will receive 3 months of free Bookkeeping services. From a marketing point of view I would guess that this is how they plan on making some of that money back, so be cautious if entering, that you could win the 3 months worth of accounting services, and then are likely to be charged a fee once this period is over if you continue with the services provided. Always read the terms and conditions when signing up to make sure you know what you are getting into.

And if you do win $10,000 worth of products and services, for any small business this is a fantastic way of gaining advice from professionals and bouncing ideas around as to best manage your business from a financial perspective.

To enter you just need to provide 3 ways H&R Block supports business, and write 100 words to explain why your business stands out.

The grant application is available to Australian small business with less than 20 employees and less than $3M in revenue annually and includes sole traders.

Entries are open now and close on 30/9/2018, so what are you waiting for, follow the link and sign up, I did.

Government Grants

There are also more traditional grant forums, and these are more specific to certain industries and therefore harder to obtain. But it’s always a good idea to see what Government Grants are available to small businesses and see if your business will qualify.

Federal Government

If you jump over to the Australian Government business website you can browse what is available. Remember these are constantly changing so it’s a good idea to come back and review occasionally to see if there is something you, as an entrepreneur, can tailor a business towards, or, your business may fall into the category already.

State Government

In addition to the federal government link above, you may also want to check out your individual state government websites, as they may have some state based options you could consider depending on where your business is located. The Victorian Government website currently has 29 possible grants available where you can receive various types of assistance.

Go Google Grants

So if you are looking for a bit more of a capital injection or a hand up to get your start up off the ground, do youe research and see if there is a grant available for what you want to achieve. Banks don’t always have to be the first port of call when you need some funding, with a few clicks of the button a whole opportunity may await you.

I haven’t been paid and I am not receiving any commission for the H&R Block promotion above, I just felt the love should be shared and every opportunity taken to help each other succeed. So check it out and if you meet the criteria, consider applying!! Goodluck!!





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